Holly Hobbie Quilt Tops for Twin Baby Girls

The little twin quilt tops were stitched up pretty quickly since I was able to use speed piecing. I am not usually able to avail myself of these time-saving techniques since I am normally working with small scraps of vintage fabric. The process for making 4 Flying Geese was new to me — whoever figured that out is very clever.

The tops look about like I expected, although looking at the photos now, I wish I had moved the position of the green Flying Geese blocks so the long edge of the triangle was not right up against the green border. Oh well….it’s one of those stupid things that probably nobody else would notice (unless they were also a quilter).

The quilting on these will be pretty simple. I am thinking of machine stitching the blocks in the ditch and hand quilting a grid in the center. Now I just have to find something good for the back. The pale yellow background fabric would have been nice, but I don’t think I have enough. Looks like I’ll be taking another trip to the fabric store.

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