More Jolly Rhymes of Mother Goose – Lois Lenski, 1922

I’m not sure, but it seems to me that many children today cannot recite nursery rhymes. This is certainly true at the elementary school where I work, but since more than half of our students are Asian, their parents may not be familiar with the whole Mother Goose thing. Maybe the rhymes are thought to be too old-fashioned and children aren’t interested anymore, although I still think a young child would love them. Anyway, I hope I am wrong about this, because I think they are wonderful.

Here are a few from this group that were new to me.

The Five Toes
“Let us go to the woods,” says this pig:
“What to do there?” says that pig;
“To look for mother,” says this pig;
“What to do with her?” says that pig;
“To kiss her, to kiss her, says this pig.

A Dog and A Cat
A dog and a cat went out together,
To see some friends just out of the town;
Said the cat to the dog,
“What d’ye think of the weather?”

“I think, ma’am, the rain will come down —
But don’t be alarmed, for I’ve an umbrella
That will shelter us both,” said this amiable fellow.

An Apple Pie
An apple pie, when it looks nice,
Would make one long to have a slice;
And if the taste should prove so, too,
I fear one slice would hardly do.
So to prevent my asking twice,
Pray, mamma, cut a good large slice.

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