First Steps in Art

Isn’t this just the best cover ever — a huge garden filled with gorgeous hollyhocks, foxgloves and other flowers I can’t identify. It’s rare to see a soft cover book with a wrap-around cover illustration like this, and I am pretty happy with my work on the image repairing the gap where the covers had separated. Although there is no date on the book, I would guess (from other similar books in my collection) that it is from the early 1930s — there is no illustrator credit. The inside pages consist of two pages of drawing instruction alternating with two pages of outline drawings to color (with a completed sample above each drawing).

I am a huge fan of these Art Deco style illustrations. When I look at them, my first thought is always  “How can I possibly interpret this fabulous image with fabric and thread?”  Click on the cover to see these flowers really big.


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