Blogger’s Quilt Festival

This is my entry for Amy’s wonderful Blogger’s Quilt Festival. It’s the first quilt I posted about when I started my blog. Nobody actually read my blog back then, so I thought I would bring this little quilt back into the spotlight because I loved making it.

A Quilt for Julie
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2008
crayoned, hand embroidered, hand quilted
18″ x 24″

This was part of my auction donation for our school — along with an American Girl doll (Julie), a trunk and lots of 70s style outfits that were fun to sew. I selected the block designs from a full-sized applique quilt pattern published in a 1970s book, but my quilt is crayoned and outline embroidered instead of appliqued, and I changed the colors a bit. The hand quilting is done in colored thread in a simple outline around each motif and block. All the colors on the blocks are crayoned, including the background — it was fine for this size, but probably not something you’d want to do on a big quilt.

TIP:  To achieve the saturated look with the coloring — after tracing or transferring the design, apply freezer paper to the back of your fabric square.  This keeps the fabric smooth and allows you to apply a heavier layer of crayon.  Use firm, consistent pressure on the crayon, and try to go in the same direction whenever possible.  Although adding another layer of crayon after the first pressing will result in a more saturated look, I have found that the piece becomes rather stiff and has a unpleasant feel to it, so I just use one application.

I think the quilt was perfect for Julie, and hopefully for the little girl who won it as well.

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