Elliott’s Hexagram Cookies

Elliott uses this hexagram as his logo — it’s the tattoo on his favorite GI Joe character when he was little (Snake Eyes), and Elliott also has it tattooed on his forearm. Whenever I use a GI Joe theme for his birthday, I try to incorporate this design. Last year we had hexagram cupcakes, but this year I had a new idea.

I was thinking of those sugar cookies in the tube that have the shapes inside so when you cut them there’s a little bunny or a pumpkin in the middle. It occurred to me that I could make the hexagram design with red and white dough by just layering the different colors and making my own tube. I’m pretty pleased with the way these turned out, even though the design is a little warped. It wasn’t all that hard, and I’m sure I could do even better if I tried this technique again (which I probably won’t). A recipe with lots of butter is best because it hardens well. Make the dough and color it — refrigerate overnight to harden — roll out, cut (I used a pizza cutter) and layer the design — refrigerate overnight — slice and bake. You could do this with any simple design — I was thinking an initial would be easy or a simple logo. We’re having them with homemade strawberry ice cream which really froze up quickly on this cold and rainy day.

Here are the cookies on Elliott’s hexagram quilt which I made for him several years ago.

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