Ladies Art Quilt Block #176 – Pyrotechnics

This is the third block in the Ann Champion Series, and it was the most time-consuming so far. The large interior pieces can be machine stitched, but all of the smaller curved pieces must be hand stitched. The center circle is appliqued and the muslin outer piece is machine sewn.

The outer edge of small curved pieces was tricky — you can probably tell in my block below that I had to ease the curved muslin pieces into the outer circle. I think it won’t be as noticeable once the top is quilted.

Although I intentionally changed the color of the center circle, it would be a complete lie if I said I made a decision to change the color of those lozenge shaped pieces — I just wasn’t paying attention and didn’t notice until I was probably halfway done with the block. I’m always making stupid mistakes like that, but right now I’m not planning on changing this one, even though I think I like the coloring better in the original pattern. Of course, I may change my mind later and make a new one.

Just for fun, I Photoshopped my block picture to look sort of like the original. I’m not sure now — which version do you like best?

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