GI Joe Cubees

Today I didn’t sew at all — I was too busy cutting out and putting together these fun Cubees from CyberDrone at deviantART. These are some of the decorations for my son’s family birthday party next weekend. It’s kind of silly (since Elliott is turning 28), but for years I have done either a GI Joe or Transformer theme for his birthday parties — Emily always has a Hello Kitty theme. It’s just a tradition now and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Also, it’s a fun challenge to come up with something new each year.

These little papercraft toys are a lot of fun to make, and there are tons of them out there — Cyberdrone has similar patterns for Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers (the best looking Cubees since they’re sort of squarish to start with) and many others. All you need is a color printer, some card stock, scissors & a razor blade. There’s no glue or tape involved, since it’s all done with slits and tabs. Some papercraft toys are extremely elaborate and difficult, but these are really easy — and they’re free!

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