Mariner’s Compass Doll Quilt Top

This is a pattern from Mini Quilts From Traditional Designs, by Corcoran and Wilkinson. The book is out of print, but used copies are available on Amazon. I made this years ago when I first began using vintage fabric. The brown and tan background fabrics are reproduction, and the compass circles are vintage. Several of the prints in the compasses are much more contemporary than the period represented by the repro backgrounds, but I didn’t know much about vintage fabrics back then.

The circles were hand pieced and then appliqued onto the background fabric. This is a challenging pattern to make in this size, as you can probably tell from my wonky blocks. I started hand quilting this top, but after I was about two-thirds finished, I freaked out and decided I didn’t like it. It has been lying in a box until yesterday when I took it out and ripped out all of the quilting. I’m going to do the same quilting design, but this time I’m going to use tape instead of trying to draw pencil lines (thanks Kathie for the idea). The top is 17″ square.

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