Antique Sawtooth Star Quilt Top

This is the other $5.00 antique quilt top I purchased on ebay. It is machine sewn and the construction is significantly better than the Album quilt top — the points are good, it’s square and lies flat. I haven’t examined all of the fabrics, but they appear to be in good condition. It is clean, and the fabrics are not faded or discolored. It has never been washed and still has a crisp feel to it.

Although this is a simple pattern, I think it’s very clever how she put a four-patch in the middle of each star, set the blocks on point, and then added a wide sashing with the four-patch repeated in the setting squares. Neither of the tops has a border, which I think was pretty common in these old pieced quilts.

The double pink in the sashing is very effective and I also like that there are just a few other pinks in the blocks. She used lots of different fabrics, and I particularly like all the different shirting designs. I am wondering if it is around the same age as the Album top — maybe Ann Champion can tell me. I thought it might have been made by the same quilter (the seller only knew that they belonged to the same person), but I couldn’t find any of the Album fabrics in this top.

Even though I bought these tops with the intention of taking them apart, I am not planning to dismantle this one — I like it just the way it is.






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