Antique Album Quilt Blocks – Revised #2

The best part about working on these revised blocks is figuring out which little scraps to use for each piece. This is a photo of the 3 striped blocks disassembled (2 whole and 1 half) and I just realized that I missed unpicking a couple of seams).


The half block had to be sacrificed to piece the other two — this stripe was tricky because of the large repeat. One of the original blocks in this print was probably the worst job of piecing on the top — you can see it in the the photo of the whole top in the first post.



There is only one block each of these three prints, which is sad because they are such nice patterns. These blocks were easy to stitch, having only a couple of pieced pieces.




Because several of the fabrics in the top were rotten, I need to make some additional blocks using my own stash of antique scraps. This print has a little yellow in it and, although there was no yellow in the original top, there were some prints with black. I think it looks all right with the rest of the blocks.


There was just a little odd-shaped scrap of this print, so I didn’t have space to draw the templates correctly. Channeling the original quilter — “I don’t care about no stinking grain” – I made my own wonky block.


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