Vintage California Tablecloth Quilt

Gordon and I decided to forego the usual Christmas gifts since we just finished a remodel of our kitchen.  Of course, I have to give him some little presents, so I decided to make him his own little quilt to use on the couch.

Because we lived in California for 11 years and our kids were born there, we have a real affection for the state — particularly  Los Angeles.  When I saw this vintage souvenir tablecloth on ebay, I snapped it up.  It was like new and had never been washed, and I think it must be pre-Disneyland since it doesn’t appear on the map.   Gordon loves maps, so the green roads are cool and also the missions we have visited.

I just used fabrics from the stash and quilted it on the machine in a diagonal grid.  It was quick and easy and it’s very soft and comfy.


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