Diamond Field Quilt Blocks

One of the things I love about making scrap quilts is selecting each little print for a block.  Having so many different fabrics to work with makes the process much more fun.  Every step  — prepping the pieces, cutting, piecing, quilting — made more interesting because I am always looking at a different little vintage fabric. Some of these hexagons were purchased on ebay, and I added many more cut from my stash of vintage scraps. The age range of the fabrics is quite large since the pieces came from many different sources, but there probably isn’t anything later than the 50s.

This quilt is going to have 98 blocks, all separated by a row of white hexagons — a pretty traditional set.  I once saw a Diamond Field top on ebay with each block surrounded by white hexagons and then a scrappy hexagon path between the blocks — I would have never thought of that, but I really liked the effect.

I scanned my two planning pages so you can see how crudely I work.  The plan started out with a smaller quilt, but I just kept adding more rows.  I have 80 of the 98 full blocks completed and all of the partial blocks.  You probably can’t make out the darker lines on the hexagon paper — this is where I figure out exactly how to add the white pieces.  It’s a lot like working on a puzzle, and I like that.


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