Lord Baltimore Quilt Pieces

I’ve been very busy lately working on my Christmas gifts. The embroidered basket quilt is going well — the center quilting is finished and I’ve quilted about half of the border. The second embroidered pillowcase is languishing, but today I should be able to finish the top of  a Rail Fence baby quilt made with vintage sheeting.

Last week I received an item I won on ebay for $10. It’s one of the my favorite things — an old box filled with vintage quilt pieces. It has “Lord Baltimore” on the top, but no other identification — it’s 6.5 x 8 x 2 and stuffed full of little 1″ x 2 1/4″ pieces. They have a slight angle — a bit less than an inch on one end and a bit more on the other. They look like pieces for a Double Wedding Ring quilt, but if so, they are some of the smallest pieces I’ve seen. Barely noticeable, the quilter wrote in pencil on the inside bottom of the box —

green – 309
pink – 360
lavender – 326
blue – 354
yellow – 324
odd – 125
16 X 14 = 224
224 x 13 = 2912
(48) corners
(28) blks off

I like the “odd” and I have no idea what “blks off” would be or why there would be 48 corners. I wish she had drawn a picture or written the name of the pattern. I’m still very happy to have ended up with her little box, and hope I can make something she would have liked.


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