John Martin’s Book – October, 1926

I love everything about these old magazines — the stories, illustrations and advertisements are all charming.  40¢ seems expensive for 1926, but they are pretty wonderful — more like a soft-bound book than a magazine.  This one is just a little larger than a National Geographic magazine — my copies from the 1930s are larger but thinner, and the paper is slightly glossy and didn’t turn brown as badly as these, which were pretty dark before I Photoshopped them.

I had no idea that Jell-O used to come in chocolate — yuck!  I also discovered that Colgate’s Ribbon Dental Creme was the first toothpaste to come in a collapsible tube — it was previously sold in glass jars (Wikipedia is so great).

The front and back covers and the first two pages were illustrated by George Carlson, who was fabulous and did lots of work for JMB.  Visit to view more of these great covers.





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