Elliott’s Embellished Overalls

When my son, Elliott, was little, I loved to decorate his denim overalls with leftover trim pieces and embroidery stitches. As he grew taller, I’d cut that pair into shorts and stitch a new one with long pants. Once he started kindergarten, he told me he didn’t want to wear overalls anymore. I was sort of sad, but he wanted to look like the other kids and I guess he noticed that none of them was wearing embroidered overalls. I even saved this pair (which is surprising for me). I can hardly believe I didn’t finish that pocket — I must have run out of turquoise floss.

I used to do a lot of embroidery on clothing — especially denim. In the sixties I embroidered jeans, jean jackets, skirts, shirts and bags for myself and my friends. There were lots of peace signs, flowers, birds, mushrooms and psychedelic designs. It would be fun to see that stuff again, but as I said. . . I generally don’t save clothing, but sometimes I wish I did.


Elliott Gray, 1985

Elliott Gray, 1983

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