ABC Embroidered Quilt Top

This top was finished a few days ago, but I just got around to photographing it today. You’ll have to take my word for it that it looks much better in person. This is a hard quilt to photograph — for some reason the embroidered blocks always look sort of washed out (especially the lighter ones) but they actually show up much better in real life.

The top turned out much bigger than I originally planned. It’s certainly not crib-sized — more like a twin, I guess, which is fine. I don’t plan on adding any borders and probably just a solid colored binding. I purchased some ABC fabric quite a while ago for a back, but I think it’s too contemporary looking for this quilt. I’ll just have to keep looking around for something more appropriate. Anyway, I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and feel like I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit over the summer.

Many thanks go to Vincent and Dorothy Fago for the wonderful illustrations in their ABC coloring book. Vincent had a long career beginning as an animator with Fleischer Studios — he died in 2002. Although Dorothy is also listed as illustrator in the 3 coloring books I have managed to find, I have no information about her. I am very grateful to both of them for their wonderful drawings.

A list of links to individual block posts is included at the bottom of this page. A pdf file of the entire coloring book, which contains illustrations I didn’t use in this quilt, is located here.

ABC Quilt Top
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2009
hand embroidered, machine pieced
68″ x 80″




Links to individual block posts:

A is for Alligator
B is for Bear
C is for Clown
D is for Doll
E is for Elephant
F is for Fireman
G is for Giraffe
H is for House
I is for Ice Cream
J is for Jack-in-the-Box
K is for King
L is for Lion
M is for Mailman
N is for Nurse
O is for Owl
P is for Puppet
Q is for Queen
R is for Rooster
S is for Sailboat
T is for Tiger
U is for Umbrella
V is for Violin
W is for Well
X is for Xylophone
Y is for Yak
Z is for Zebra

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