Vintage Vogue 1253 – Focus on Embroidery

All that stitching on the zebra block made me think of a another satin stitch project from the past. I actually made this poppy dress twice (and the green one once for my sister). The first dress I made in the 70’s and I ended up giving it away to this crazy girl who lived in a tiny apartment behind us when we lived in a Silver Lake duplex in Los Angeles. She really liked it and I think I had probably had too much to drink. A couple of years ago I started thinking about that pattern and decided I wanted to make a new one. Well…it was extremely difficult to locate the pattern and when I did find one, it went for some insane amount of money I was not willing to pay. Fortunately, the photo posted on ebay was pretty good, so I enlarged it, changed it to grayscale and ramped up the contrast. Then I printed it out and used it to transfer the pattern. It wasn’t perfect, and I couldn’t really make out the floss colors in the photo, but I just winged it.

Here is the top I made and below a photo of the pattern.  The funny thing is….I haven’t worn it because after I made it, I thought it looked silly and way too young for me. I guess that’s what happens when you try to recapture your youth.


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