Quilt-in-a-Day — Baby 4-Patch

I’ve never been much interested in the quickie quilt thing and could not imagine why anyone would want to make a quilt in a day. What would you do with all the quilts you were making unless maybe they were being made for a hospital or a charity. I already have more quilts than I can possibly use, and I only manage to finish one or two each year. Also, it doesn’t sound like much fun to me — lots of strip cutting and chain piecing which I don’t enjoy. Having said all that….I have to admit that these quickie type quilts are perfect as gifts for my teacher friends at school. I did manage to complete this little quilt yesterday — although it did take the whole day. I’m afraid my points are not absolutely perfect and it was hard to keep the striped fabric lined up just right, but hey — it’s a quilt-in-a-day!

This is a pattern from the book Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites, Volume 2. I made another baby quilt in this pattern with light-colored scrap shirting-type fabrics as the setting triangles (similar to the photograph in the book below). It was cute, but this time I decided to use the striped fabric in the triangles as well since there was some left over after cutting the sashing strips. I’m not sure which one I like best, and I can’t show you the other one since I didn’t take a photo of it or any of the other 10 baby quilts I’ve made for teachers. This quilt is made with new fabric — it’s machine quilted in the ditch and tied with floss in the middle of each 4-patch. I really like the look of the vertical striped fabric between the 4-patch strips.

Baby 4-patch
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2009
machine pieced, machine quilted
36″ x 44″


Better Homes and Gardens
Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites, Volume 2
Candy Stripes


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