ABC Embroidered Quilt Block – Winter

Apparently I am going to finish the four seasons blocks before the alphabet. The snowflakes on this block have traveling threads behind them, and I thought I would give you my little tip on how to reduce the appearance of these strands from the front. Of course, the embroidery always looks pretty good until you iron it, when a couple of things happen to make the threads more visible — they are pressed flat against the fabric which also creates a little ridge. To correct this, I use my little Clover iron to press the fabric under each one of the traveling threads (I use a straight pin to lift up the threads). This pulls the threads slightly away from the fabric and flattens the ridge. I think you will be surprised at how well this works. I try not to travel between elements when I’m embroidering, but sometimes it can’t be helped. There was no way I was going to tie off all of those French knots.


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