Embroidered Linen Tablecloth

Yesterday my friend, Patti, and I stopped in our local antique/consignment shop.  I wasn’t really expecting to find anything because they don’t have many textiles and also their prices are way too high.  However, I fell in love with this beautiful hand embroidered linen tablecloth.  It had 3 or 4 little stains that didn’t look bad at all so I paid the $40 and took it home to wash.  All the little spots came out and it looks brand new.  I wonder if this was a stamped tablecloth or a transfer — I guess I’ll never know.  The gold border is a nice touch and I just love the colors. 

It certainly was not the kind of steal that my thrifter-blogger friends seem to always find, but if I had stitched this beautiful tablecloth, I could never sell it for $40.




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