ABC Quilt Top WIP — A through J

I think the colors and the scrappiness of these pinwheels manage to pull the alphabet blocks together into more of a cohesive look (my daughter, Emily, also likes it that several of the characters appear to be waving). I sort of regret that I didn’t use a brighter color for the elephant block (and maybe even the doll), but they actually do show up better in person than in these photos. The first picture was taken before I added the siding to the house block.

The quilt top seems wide enough already, so I’m not going to add any additional borders. Although I haven’t selected a fabric for the back or a quilting pattern yet, I would really like to finish this quilt over the summer. The quilting part will be boring to post, so I’m thinking of another project I could work on at the same time — maybe a doll quilt made with the little Simplicity patterns I posted earlier.





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