ABC Embroidered Quilt Block – Sailboat

Bunny pointed out that most of my blocks are living vs. non-living, so I thought I should do the sailboat to add one more non-living item. Callipygian suggested that “S is for sailboat” sounds better than “S is for seal” and I think she is right as well. So, here’s my new sailboat block which was one of the easier ones to stitch. Seagulls had to replace the clouds — this is the Pacific Northwest, after all (S is for seagull) — and I added our name to the flag. Originally I tried drawing waves in the S letters, but they looked terrible so I just did the hull design. I love this DMC floss — it’s very subtle, so I’m not sure if you can see the variation in the colors in my photo.

I’m working on the duck quilt — hopefully I’ll be done in time for the next post.



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