ABC Embroidered Quilt Block — Ice Cream

The “I” block in the ABC Coloring Book is a giant ice cream cone.  I just wasn’t interested in stitching it since it has so little detail.  Fortunately, I have two other coloring books illustrated by Vincent and Dorothy Fago and one of them has a cute drawing of an ice cream vendor with a little boy.  I took the boy out of the picture (he’s cute, but the picture seemed too busy and a little too big) and I’m very happy with the way this turned out — much better than the giant cone.  I used an Anchor floss with sherbety colors.

I am going to use this coloring book for the extra four blocks which will be the four seasons.  The drawings have cute little boys and girls like the ice cream cone boy.  This is my last block for row 2, so next I will post the two rows with sashing. Now on to row 3 and K is for King.




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