Embroidered ABC Quilt Block – Clown

This clown was made with a skein of vintage American Thread floss. I really like the colors, but when I started stitching, I realized that the sections of color are much longer than the DMC or Anchor variegated and multi-colored floss. To me this gives the clown a very different look compared to the puppet — at first I wasn’t happy with it, but I’m okay with it now. I can get pretty obsessed with stuff like that.

This is my 95th post (beginning December, 2008), and I’ve decided to have a give-away on my 100th post. I guess I will just do the comment thing — I was afraid it would appear that I am just pandering for comments, but that’s the way everyone else seems to operate theirs, so that’s probably what I’ll do. It’s been fun coming up with stuff — I have lots of vintage items to include — mostly transfers, books for children and fabric — so check back in a week or so.



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