Feedsack Pinwheel Quilt

This is an Alice Brooks mail order pattern from the 1940’s, and this poor quilt has so many problems, I hardly know where to begin. First of all, I had a terrible time with the piecing — I couldn’t manage to match up all eight seams in the block corners. Out of desperation, I decided to applique additional blue circles in those spaces so I could cover up my mistakes and also remove the bulky unmatched seams behind them. Of course that messed up the quilting pattern I was planning to use, so I tried a couple of things that looked really bad…ripped those out…and finally just settled on this random, non-symmetrical pattern that I think looks not that great. On top of everything else, this is the other quilt where I mixed up my background pieces, so it contains two different fabrics — one bright white and one with a yellowish tint.

I can think of two things I do like about it — it’s a good pattern to show off my feedsack prints, and the scalloped border is a nice addition.

Feedsack Pinwheel Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2006
machine pieced, hand quilted
82″ x 90″





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