Green Fan Quilt

You may recognize this quilt which appears on the cover of the book, American Quilt Classics, from the collection of Patricia Cox. I copied almost everything about the Cox quilt except the quilting pattern. This is one of the first projects I started when I began to quilt again, and the fabrics I used are almost all reproductions. After I had cut out all the fan blades, I became interested in collecting real vintage fabric to make my quilts. Consequently, this project languished for years while I worked on other quilts until I finally picked it up again in 2007. I actually do like it (even if the fabrics aren’t truly vintage) and I especially like the quilting pattern which is an abstract tree and leaf adapted from one of Helen Squire’s designs. I love lots of the quilts in the Cox book — it’s one of my favorites.

Green Fan Quilt
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2007
machine pieced, hand quilted
68″ x 78″






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