Bow Tie Quilt

This quilt was made with some hand pieced vintage bow tie blocks purchased on ebay. Although the ties themselves were very cute, the background muslin pieces were badly stained, and I couldn’t use them. I took the blocks apart — washed, pressed and re-cut them ending up with a slightly smaller block. At the time, I only had a few vintage shirting scraps for the background, so most of those pieces are reproduction fabrics. This is the 5-piece traditional pattern which is usually hand pieced because of the set-in pieces. You can machine sew this block if you use the 6-piece pattern with the 2 little triangles to form the knot, but it just doesn’t look right to me — I think the knot piece should be square. This quilt was hand quilted inside each piece.

Bow Tie
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2007
hand pieced, hand quilted
63″ x 78″




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