Japanese Felt Mascots

These Japanese books are available at the Kinokuniya Book Store (which is located in the Seattle Uwajimaya) for around $16.  You can also buy them on ebay, but those sellers charge over $25.  Although the directions are all written in Japanese, the diagrams are extremely detailed and easy to figure out.  If you want to try this, I would recommend either 100% wool felt or a wool blend.  It’s more expensive, but the cheap acrylic felt squares sold in many craft stores are too thin and will not hold their shape.  I am making these for my daughter, Emily, and her boyfriend, Aaron, for their first little Christmas tree.  I used 100% wool felt, embroidery floss and a few beads and buttons.  They are really fun to make and you can complete one in an hour or two, depending on the size and number of pieces.

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