For the Industrious Needlewoman — Gifts for Baby

Looking through these early 20th Century newspapers is such fun.  I especially love reading the directions written by Adelaide Byrd.  These two patterns are definitely going in the queue for a future grandchild.

It occurred to me that the cap probably needs to be printed in its original size.  This is tricky because there are many magnification levels when I am taking screen shots of these scans, and it’s not clear what percentage they are of the original newspaper.  I have tried to calculate this by measuring the size of today’s papers and comparing it to the scans.  If my calculations are correct, the back circle piece of the baby bonnet should be 4″ across, so that was my guide.  Of course, little babies have different sized heads, so this is just a suggestion.  Update:  Laura mentions in her comment below that her newspaper has been downsized a couple of times, so the 4″ suggestion may be a little small.

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