Vintage Transfers — Blanding, Utah

On our way back to tiny Bluff, Utah after hiking down to the Natural Bridges, we stopped at a second-hand shop in Blanding.  We have visited a couple of antique shops on this trip, but none of them had sewing items.  This store is called Transitions, and it provides vocational rehab to all of the people in the area who have disabilities.  In the back of the store clients were being trained on computers, and helped with filling out paperwork and paying their bills.  The store manager told me that many of their clients are either Ute or Navajo.

In a back corner of the shop, I found this old B.V.D. box stuffed with vintage transfers, tatting, lace, stamped linens, and newspaper clippings.  Rather than pay the ridiculously low price on the box, I just made a contribution.   My sisters and I had a similar experience in our old home town, which I will write about tomorrow.


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