Posts Written On May 07, 2011

Vintage-Inspired Apron – #16

This apron was inspired by a pattern envelope I saw somewhere online and now cannot find, or I would give credit to the original.  The pockets on the apron are so cute, and although I thought they would be fairly useless, they actually aren’t that bad.  I would sure like to read the original pattern instructions to see how they did the binding on the pocket opening — I’m certain it would be different than the way I did it, but I think it looks fine.

The cute yellow fabric was a small feedsack tablecloth with pink rick-rack around the outer edges.  There were the usual needle holes in a couple of places — I patched them on the back so you couldn’t see through the holes (you can see this in the second photo).  I didn’t end up using the rick-rack on this apron, but I saved it for something else because it’s a great color.  For the bias binding I used an unusual print — a 1930’s bubblegum pink calico that is made to look like antique double-pink fabric.  I guess you could call this a very early reproduction fabric.


Elvis Gets a New Collar

Why didn’t I think of this a long time ago?  Elvis is always destroying his store-bought collars, which are made with some really horrible synthetic fabric that shreds like crazy when he scratches his neck.  I was going to pick up another collar at the pet shop, but this morning I decided instead to make a new collar with a couple of ribbon scraps.  It was so easy — just sew the two pieces of ribbon together, and stitch it all back together using the recycled hardware from the old collar.  Elvis didn’t really want to show it off (he is a completely uncooperative subject), but I finally managed to get a photo with his head up so you can see the collar.  I bet everybody makes these, and I am the last person to figure it out.