Posts Written On April 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Quilt Block #1 and Painting Book Pages 6 & 7

Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding Jack’s death. It is hard to lose a pet, but I am feeling much better now.

This embroidered block was very enjoyable to stitch — the tiny outline work really appeals to me, although I did struggle with Alice’s face. The whole piece is stitched with one strand of DMC floss #498, using stem stitch and a few French knots for buttons and eyes. The color is a darker red than I have used in the past, but it seemed to fit the style of the old drawings. The embroidery design area is 6 1/2″ x 10″ and the pattern page is located here.

I just finished cleaning up two more pages in the book. Page 7 with the Duchess was horrible because the child had used black crayon on both the duchess’s face and the cat. I’m done with the really bad pages now, so the rest of the clean-up should go much faster.