Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show – 2009

Today Gordon and I went to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon, which is located in the central part of the state. It’s a cute town in a gorgeous setting — Ponderosa pines everywhere and the beautiful Sisters mountains. For the show they hang quilts (1200 of them this year) inside and outside of all the local businesses — they even close the highway through the middle of town and re-route all the traffic. We arrived early and it was pleasant — not too hot yet and not too crowded. I have to admit that I didn’t see a lot of quilts like the ones I make — most of them are brightly colored and machine quilted. If you want to see examples of fine hand quilting these days, I guess you have to go to a museum. Anyway, there were a few antique quilts displayed which were very pretty, and then this one that just blew me away. It’s a Charley Harper bird quilt and I just loved it — even though it’s contemporary. I should have gotten the info from the tag, but I was so distracted staring at the quilt, I completely forgot. If anyone knows who made this quilt, please let me know. I have all of the re-issues of the Charley Harper books and I have often thought I would love to make a quilt from his wonderful pictures. I doubt I ever will, though, because I don’t think I could ever make one this beautiful. My photo really does not do it justice.

UPDATE: Lisa K. informed me that the quilter’s name is Jane Haworth (from Auburn, California). Lisa provided a link to Susan Beal’s blog — West Coast Crafty. Susan has wonderful photos of the of the Sisters quilt show, including close-ups of the Charley Harper quilt.

I also bought several bags of great vintage fabric scraps that were super cheap. They were mixed in with bags of newer stuff and nobody buying seemed interested — even the people selling it didn’t seem to think it was worth anything — I was thrilled!


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