Vintage ABC Coloring Book

For some time now I have wanted to make an alphabet quilt. Although I own several vintage commercial ABC applique and embroidery patterns, they just haven’t inspired me. So, I bought a few vintage ABC coloring books on ebay — some of the drawings are very cute, but this one I love. It’s unusual because it’s much more detailed than my other ABC books and I like it that there are 6 different illustrations for each alphabet letter — 2 pages per letter (2 large drawings and 4 small).  I also like the style of the drawings and the fact that they go together so well — it reminds me of the Simple Objects Coloring Book from Doe-c-Doe.   I think I will stitch blocks with three designs (just like the page layout, but I may change the picture combination). Also, I haven’t decided whether I want to use just one color of thread — or one color for each block — or one color for each picture. I’ll just have to try one and see how it looks.

Whitman Publishing, 1964
Vincent & Dorothy Fago, Illustrators


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