Old Sequin Ornaments

As I began taking down the Christmas tree yesterday, I decided to post these funky old ornaments. Most of my homemade ornaments are stitched or painted, but I was trying to create something shiny to make the tree more sparkly. Can you even buy these weird satin spun styrofoam balls anymore and the special little pins? It killed your fingers pushing in all those stupid pins. My sister and I made a bunch of these together, and she has long since dumped hers. I remember this as a pretty popular Christmas craft in the 70’s — along with the bread dough ornaments which I actually did toss because they disintegrated. Every year I consider throwing these out, but I just can’t give them up. Of course, nobody but me will hang them up. I secretly think they’d miss them.


This one is huge — we call it “the grenade.”

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