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McCall’s Monday — Embroidered Bird Motifs for Kitchen Towels

Does your partner help with household chores? I am lucky to be married to someone who does almost all of the cooking and lots of other things I won’t mention, because you would begin to wonder what I contribute — besides quilts, of course.

Anyway, it’s fairly unusual to see men (even bird men) participating in these days of the week type designs. To make the designs representative of my relationship, the male bird would need to appear alone in some of the motifs.

No. 238 – Transfer Design for Bird Motifs for Kitchen Towels. Blue. Price 25¢.
Perky little birds cheerily decorate this set of “Day of the Week” dish towels. It is to be observed that both members of this delightful pair are efficiently co-operating in their work. The designs are adorable worked in red and blue outline stitch on red or blue bordered towels. Or in any other color combination you wish. The edges of a plain towel are smart when finished with buttonhole stitch of matching color. This set of seven motifs illustrates how a week’s work might be planned. Mottoes are included which may be worked under the designs, such as Monday — Wash, Tuesday — Mend, etc. Includes 1 each of 7 different designs about 3 x 7 inches, also 7 titles.