Posts Written On June 19, 2011

A Gift From Pratima

Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from my friend, Pratima (peepsatthepeepaltree).  On a trip to India, Pratima purchased an assortment of hand block printed fabrics, and she shared some of these lovely prints with her readers. Pratima made an amazing quilt with her fabrics, and wrote about hand block printing and her quilt here and here.  If you have read Pratima’s blog, you know that she is not only a quilter with a unique sense of design and color, but also a fabulous cook who publishes easy-to-follow Indian cooking tutorials with the most beautiful photography I’ve ever seen.  If you haven’t yet visited Pratima, you are in for a treat.

My gifts were the beautiful fabric squares and block-print covered journal, all packaged with a sachet which made everything smell all sandalwoody. I am very excited to design a quilt project with my prints, and also to finally gather the information for each of my quilts and enter it in my new journal. Thank you so much, Pratima.

Pratima also shared a wonderful video of Indian hand block printing, which will give you an appreciation of this ancient craft.