Posts Written On May 27, 2011

Pillbox Hats

This adorable vintage bridal shower gift wrap ended up being the inspiration for our shower decor.  All the flowers will be peach, yellow & pink, and I found some small paper parasols in turquoise.  Since I am not a big fan of shower games, Emily suggested a craft; after a little brainstorming, we finally came up with “decorate your own pillbox hat.”

There is a video on youtube for making a pillbox hat out of what looks to be felt, but felt would be too soft for our hat.  I thought about painting the felt with a glue mix, but that just seemed like a mess.  In the end, I used suiting fabric and other heavy-weight cotton and iron-on interfacing.  The youtube pattern didn’t work at all — maybe because the fabric I used is not nearly as flexible as felt.  After 3 attempts, I was finally able to work out both the pattern, and the amount of interfacing for each piece (2 pieces on the sides — one on the top).  Two bobby-pins are sewn to the inside of the hat to keep it from falling off.  The inside is not lined, and they are not perfect, but this is just a silly craft and not meant to be a real hat or anything.

I’m looking forward to shopping the craft stores with Emily to look for all kinds of fun things for our guests to hot glue onto their hats.