Cactus Basket Quilt Top

Most of the blocks in this quilt were purchased on ebay, and I made an additional 20 blocks to complete the top. The fabrics are all vintage 1930s dress percales in typical colors and floral prints. The neatest thing about this quilt, in my opinion, is the careful fussy cutting on many of the floral prints (some of which are pretty large). I loathe to fussy cut vintage fabric because there is so much waste involved. I love the technique, though, and am always pleased to purchase fussy cut blocks or pieces.

Of course, I took all the blocks apart — soaked, starched, re-cut and re-stitched — replacing the dingy muslin with a new fabric. I kept her blocks intact with the same prints and solids that she used. I think she did a fabulous job with the colors, and I tried to match her blocks as much as possible when making my own.

Cactus Basket Quilt Top
Martha Dellasega Gray, 2005
machine pieced
75″ x 75″ (without border)

Today I worked on the border for this top. I thought this would be a great pattern, since it mimics the diamond pieces in the blocks, but now I’m not sure because I think it might be too busy. What do you think?

After hearing some of the comments, I decided to try and show how the whole top would look with the border (with and without the extra solid border).  Please excuse how primitive this looks (my poor Photoshop skills).  Now that I see it like this, I definitely like the addition of the solid border —  I might  just add the solid border and a floral binding and forget about the pieced border.

Okay….now I get it.  Ann at Nifty Needle just sent me a photo with her idea for a border and I love it!  So….this is the final plan for the top — THANKS, ANN!!

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