Posts Written On April 06, 2010

The Alice in Wonderland Painting Book

This Platt & Munk book is not dated and no illustrator is credited, but I am sure it is quite old. It’s smallish (about 7″ x 10″) and printed on very heavy stock. There are only 12 pages, the first 9 of which have been colored with wax crayons. It’s a very laborious process to clean up these colored pages — I sometimes wonder if there might be other techniques in Photoshop I could be using that would make it easier. The light crayons are not too bad, but dark colors (particularly black) are very difficult. I’ve just finished cleaning up the cover and the first two pages.

Alice in Wonderland illustrations are some of my favorites. My younger sister, Mary, did some wonderful ink and watercolor pictures from the Tenniel illustrations which I posted here.