Posts Written On March 04, 2010

Ladies Art Quilt Company Pattern #41 – Cog Wheels

This quilt pattern is the first of four requested by Ann Champion.  Since I still can’t sit for very long, I drafted this on a board while lying on the couch. I’ll tell you what — it’s sort of tricky to use a compass when you’re lying down.  I left some of the extra lines in so you can get an idea of how it’s done.

The pattern sold in the catalog was 19″ — I would probably make it smaller so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding enough vintage scraps for that big petal piece, but I left the resolution fairly high so you could make it any size.  Adjust the size of the block, and print it out (you can do this in sections if your block is too large).  Next, lay your template plastic over the pattern and draw around each piece, adding a seam allowance.

As I was lying here thinking up how to write the hand piecing directions, it dawned on me that I should piece a block myself and take a series of photos. I’ll try to do that this weekend.