Posts Written On February 26, 2010

Ladies Art Company Quilt Pattern Book – 1922

I count this as one of my best vintage purchases. It came with a $10 lot of quilting ephemera and was a complete surprise. Here is the introduction to the catalog.


The following minature diagrams can give but a faint idea of the beauty of these patterns, being here reduced to so small a size the details are imperfectly brought out.  The diagrams, which go with the patterns are printed on heavy cardboard, about ten times the size of the minatures in this book, and are artistically colored, so as to give some idea how the finished blocks would look; being also suggestive of effective colors to use in making up the blocks; tho of course, the combination of colors can be varied indefinitely.  Each design is put up in a numbered envelope and consists of colored cardboard diagram and complete pattern for cutting and piecing the design.

Do not cut this book.  Order patterns by numbers only.  Positively no patterns exchanged.

PRICES.  Pattern with colored cards:  10¢ each; 3 for 25¢; 7 for 50¢; 15 for $1.00,  Color cards without patterns 4¢ each; 25 for 75¢.  Prices under quilt block designs are for finished calico blocks.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND STAMPS.  Send P.O. money orders or silver well wrapped.

Can you imagine….you could buy a completely finished calico block.  I wonder who was sewing these blocks.

This is the beauty of using the template method to mark and cut your pieces — no special instructions needed — just a basic knowledge of geometry and you can draft any of the designs in this pamphlet.  I hope some of you will try this method.