Posts Written On November 05, 2009

My First Apartment

I found another photo where you can just see Bette rocking out to one of my records — probably The Beatles or The Who.


Here’s a photo of my bedroom. My sister and I went crazy with this funky stick-on-furniture — I had a stick-on headboard, picture frame — even a stick-on gumball machine. You can see that beginning in my early twenties, I had a fondness for anything vintage. Because I moved to Seattle with only my clothes, pretty much everything in my apartment (and much of my clothing) came from second-hand stores.


On top of my painted, wallpapered steamer trunk is a little Victorian house cut out of milk cartons and covered in tissue paper with inked details — another one of the projects with my sister, Sally. This was actually really tricky to make, but so cute lit up with a candle. I wish I could find that pattern now — I’d definitely make it again.


This is the outside of the building — that’s my sun room on the ground floor. God, I loved that apartment.