Ferris Wheel Quilt Top

All of these blocks were completed some time ago — I just needed to sew them together and add additional applique pieces where the blocks meet. This is a large quilt (84″ x 98″) which is going to work well on my ridiculously thick mattress. It will look much better when it’s quilted and I’ve cut the scalloped edge.

The blocks were constructed with vintage 1930s Double Wedding Ring pieces.  If you look closely in the third photo, you can see a little red print with a swastika. I was surprised to see this, even though I realized these prints were manufactured way before the war when the swastika was still a symbol for good luck. In Ruby Short McKim’s 1931 publication 101 Patchwork Patterns, she included the swastika pattern.

“Our frontier mothers ingeniously converted this ancient symbol of good luck into a quilt pattern which is simply from two triangles. Somestimes they call it “Fly-Foot.”

Thanks to her youngest granddaughter, the original book (with templates) is available here. Of course, probably nobody makes this pattern anymore because of the negative connotations. I just left the little quilt piece in because I thought it was historically interesting. 

The pattern for the Ferris Wheel block is available on my earlier post.





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