Posts Written On December 17, 2008

Embroidered Christmas Ornaments

We just got the tree up over the weekend and I was reminded of all the old Christmas ornaments I made when I was young.  When Gordon and I were first married, we used to buy these cheap, flimsy natural Douglas Fir trees from Chubby and Tubby that were sort of sweet.  We didn’t have any ornaments and couldn’t afford to buy many, so I made ornaments each year for us and also for my extended family.  My husband prefers glass ornaments, so sometimes I would add sequins or beads to make mine more shiny.  Each Christmas I am delegated to hang up these “homemade” or “soft” ornaments, but I don’t mind — they’re my favorites, and I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I made a bunch of these in 1981.  I found a pile of satin moire squares in pastel colors at the Goodwill and embroidered them in satin stitch — I can’t remember where I got the patterns.  These three were made for my daddy, mother and little brother — when they died, the ornaments came back to me.  The photos are pretty busy, but I wanted to use my vintage Christmas wrap in the background.





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