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Wedding — Mosaic Cookie Table

Emily and Aaron decided to serve Molly Moon’s ice cream for dessert instead of a cake or cupcakes.  The ice cream turned out to be a good choice, since it was a very warm day.  Fortunately, the Georgetown Ballroom is conveniently set up for food vendor trucks since they can just drive right into the outdoor patio.

Aaron’s mother, Bryce, is a talented artist whose home is filled with her amazing artwork.  After seeing some of the vintage pieces we were going to be using on the tables, she constructed a fabulous tiered cookie table out of plywood and decorated the entire piece with broken vintage dishes from the Goodwill.  She even made an edge around each tier that mimicked my pennants.  For the bottom skirt, she dyed a vintage damask tablecloth.

Aaron’s Aunt Jesse is a fabulous baker; she made all of the cookies you see displayed on the table (plus tons of extras), and the giant cupcake on top.   There were so many cookies, each member of the wedding party got a bag of cookies to take home.

Aunt Jesse and Bryce


Crepe Paper Wedding Flowers

In case you’ve wondered what happened to me, I have been finishing up the 204 crepe paper flowers for Emily’s wedding (plus a few other odds and ends like garters, pocket squares, suit and bridesmaid dress alterations, etc. etc.).  Gordon made these posts which will be placed down the aisle, connected by the fabric pennants I made earlier.  You’d never guess they are made with PVC pipe, since we cleverly disguised them with some pink spray paint.  To stabilize the posts, Gordon made round concrete bases, which (again) I cleverly disguised with some ruffled gold crepe paper.  The gold ribbon is leftover from Christmas — I am a maniac for recycling all the expensive ribbons my sisters use on their packages.

These Goodwill bud vases are going to look so cute on the vintage luncheon tablecloths I made or purchased for the small cocktail tables.  The vases were very light without water, so I filled them with cat litter.  The large vases (also Goodwill) will be placed on the two bars.  I purchased vintage paper rose leaves and some dried ferns and leaves for these bouquets because I thought most of the fake stuff looked terrible.

We will have real flowers on the banquet tables and on the stage where the ceremony will take place, as well as the bride and bridesmaid bouquets.  I’m excited to see how they are going to look next to my flowers.

Emily is taking next week off, so we will have lots of time to finish up all the last minute details.  I can hardly believe it’s almost here.


The Almost Perfect Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

To be honest, I have been dreading looking for a dress.  Although I knew what I wanted (linen sheath, preferably pink), I doubted I would be able to find just the right dress.  Then, on Sunday, Emily and I stopped by the Goodwill on our way back from picking up her wedding dress (a perfect fit — what a relief).  We found some things for the tables (more depression glass and some pretty cutwork doilies), a wonderful Bergdorf Goodman wool/cashmere jacket for Emily ($10), and this pretty dress which Emily found.  Okay, this isn’t my photo (because my pictures were terrible) — it’s from an ebay listing I discovered yesterday for the exact same dress.  But my dress was only $13.00, and I love the idea of finding the perfect dress at the Goodwill.  The only problem:  it’s a size 8 and it’s tight.  For this wedding, the bride’s mother (instead of the bride) will be going on a diet to fit into her dress.



More Wedding Pennants

I ended up making lots more of these than I originally anticipated.  They looked so cute that I kept thinking of other places to use them besides the aisle — like around the edges of the buffet tables — on the stair railing where the girls will enter — or up high on the patio.  I have about 60 yards of pennants now, so I think I’m done.  They are sewn in one continuous length, so I can just cut what I need at the venue.  Wrapping them around the skinny cardboard box worked pretty well for keeping them from getting wrinkled, and makes it easy to hide them from Elvis.

I’ve also ordered 100 yards of 1/8″ red satin ribbon and a 3″ scalloped circle paper punch to make 3-dimensional paper garlands that I intend to hang vertically behind the area Emily and Aaron will stand during the ceremony.  We’ve also decided to add a runner to our table decor, so I’m hoping to find a cute stripe at Joann’s where I can use one of those ubiquitous coupons.

After the wedding, I’ll probably be selling these (and lots of Depression glass) on Etsy.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to be let down or relieved when this is all over.


Wedding Countdown – 7 Months

Sometimes I think I should change the name of my blog.  It’s not that I haven’t been working on projects — it’s just that they aren’t very quilty.  Hopefully, once the wedding is over and my retirement commences (which occur on practically the same day), I will be back to making quilts.

For the past few days I’ve been working on DIY wedding projects.  The napkins (120+) take about an hour to complete, including time to draw, color, stitch and hem.  Here’s one of 20 I’ve completed in shades of pink and red.  I think they look so cute on the vintage china plates we have been collecting over the past 6 months (both purchasing and borrowing from family members).

The little frames will hold the names of the guests with their table numbers.  They are printed on cardstock and then glued to another sheet of cardstock before cutting.  The frame photo was an image on an auction site — I just changed the color and shape a little.

The pennants will be strung down either side of the aisle, hooked to the corner of each chair with a crepe paper flower bouquet (another DIY project).  The scalloping pinking shears belonged to Gordon’s aunt.  I love the scalloped edge, but the scissors are really heavy and hurt your hand after about 5 minutes of cutting — I cut a dozen or so and then have to take a break.  The fabrics are mostly new, but I used two of my favorite vintage prints. The embroidered pennants were made from some old doilies and a tablecloth.  I wanted to finish this project from my stash, but I need 40 more pennants so I’ll be going to the fabric store today.