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Free Pattern Friday — More Mother Goose in Filet Crochet

From the Winnipeg Tribune, 1923

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall can be adapted to a variety of uses in making gifts for the little ones. This motif can be developed in either filet crochet or cross stitch.


Little Bo Peep

The little Mother Goose shepherdess, whose picture in filet crochet appears here, will be very much at home in nursery or play room, and will make herself useful on bedspread, curtains or cushion.


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Free Pattern Friday — Mother Goose in Filet Crochet

From the Louisville Courier-Journal, 1925

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

For the children’s room, here is an interesting filet pattern adapted from the old reliable Mother Goose. If you are very ambitious, you might consider making a crocheted spread of Mother Goose medallions, but for most people, one medallion in the center of a spread involves labor enough. The pattern will also serve as a guide for cross stitch.


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