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McCall’s Monday — Kitchen Revue, Six Designs for Dish Towels

Turn dish drying into a rollicking show with glassware, dishes, pots and pans staging a gay outline-stitch revue on your dish towels. Here are saucy dancing girls (plates and teacups), an urbane vaudevillian with high hat and cane (the pot), a boy and girl dance team (glasses), the scatter-brained comic pair (skillets), and the sure-fire fat comedian (tea kettle). Work trims mainly in outline stitch in bright colors. Finish towel edges in fancy buttonhole stitch in a contrasting color.

McCalls-1478-dishes-1McCalls-1478-dishes-4McCalls-1478-dishes-3 McCalls-1478-dishes-5McCalls-1478-dishes-2McCalls-1478-dishes-6



McCall’s Monday — Vegetable Designs for Appliqué and Embroidery

No. 349 — Transfer for Vegetable Tea Towels for Applique and Embroidery. Blue. Price 25¢
These tea towels are guaranteed to chase away the “blues,” with the everyday vegetables in appliqué performing new roles. Reproduce the vegetables in their exact colors, making sure that the materials you use are fast colors. With outline and running stitches the designs are completed. The patch pieces are applied with invisible stitches. Very pleasant work — entirely simple to do. Pattern includes 6 designs, the largest 5 1/2 x 8 7/8; smallest 5 1/2 x 6 3/8. Full Directions.



McCall’s Monday — Anthropomorphic Kitchen Transfers

I have a thing for anthropomorphic utensils, dishes and pots and pans. There are more in earlier posts here and here.

No. 771 – Transfer Design for Tea Towels. Blue. Price 25 cents.
If you like variety and new ways of brightening up the daily tasks, don’t overlook these! Each motif has an amusing title, to be worked, like a design, in outline stitch. For anyone setting up housekeeping — particularly young brides — this set of six will make a gay gift. 6 designs, about 5 x 14 inches.



Vintage Embroidery Transfers — Anthropomorphic Dishes

This is Butterick 10202, and I don’t know what year it was published, but it’s pretty darn old. I love anthropomorphic animals, but inanimate objects are even better. My favorites in this group are the brush family, the senior silverware, the plate parade, and the clothespins. I really need to stitch some of these on towels or an apron.

The transfers were a little rough and my digital clean up is far from perfect, but fortunately these are simple drawings, so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble tracing them. Ha! Looking at this envelope, I just realized I forgot to reverse the images. . .oh well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Click each image for full size.


plates-on-parade rainy-day-glasses jump-rope stacked tea-for-two food-party coffee-time clothespins baking-cookies dinner-time birthday-cake