Reproduction Antique Basket 4-Patch Crib Quilt Top

You can read about the original antique quilt in an earlier post. Because my blocks are slightly smaller (3″ instead of 3 1/2″), I decided to make the quilt one block longer and wider. My version ended up at (50″ x 57″) — a bit larger than the original. Also, I lost the template I made for the handle, and the replacement I drew was obviously narrower. I didn’t notice this right away, and when I did, I decided not to care. Maybe when I’m dead someone will look at this quilt and wonder why some of the handles are fatter than others — a quilt conundrum.

For the prints, I used small pieces from Civil War scrap bags I ordered from a quilt shop a few years ago — the bags contained what appeared to be scraps left over after making their quilt kits. I tried to order more scrap bags, but unfortunately they no longer offer that service. Too bad, because those scraps were perfect for projects like this.

The original quilt is back to being just a top, since someone separated it from its batting and backing. There are still threads left, though, and you can see that the quilter simply outlined both the plain and basket squares, with no quilting in the interior of the squares. I’m pretty sure I want to do something a little more elaborate, but have no idea what that might be.

Here are the two quilt tops, side by side.





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