Posts Written On June 2017

Antique Crib Quilt — Basket 4-Patch

The little 19th century quilt is just a top now, because someone decided to separate it from its backing and batting. You can still see remnants of the quilting stitches (a basic outline pattern) and where the binding was attached. I’m thinking it was once a crib quilt because of its scale and size (43″ x 50″), as well as the whimsical look of the baskets with their cute squatty handles.

The quilter chose an appealing set incorporating the 3 1/2″ basket blocks into a 4-patch block. She mostly used the same prints for both the baskets and the plain squares, but not always, which gives the design more interest. The fabrics include madders, double-pinks, gingham and shirtings — I’ve always loved this combination of brown and pink.

Madders don’t hold up well over time, and I think you can see, if you enlarge the first photo, that some of them are torn and shattered. Those that are not already disintegrating are extremely fragile, so I covered the back with a piece of sheer weight, iron-on interfacing. I bought it despite these issues because I loved it so much, and now I’m going to make a copy using reproduction fabrics.